Adam is a super hero based Tech Deck Dude. He is dressed in a blue bat suit and only his mouth and white eyes can be seen. he wears a cape and shoes that match his outfit.


  • The name Adam most likely derives from the actor Adam West, who played Batman in the 1960s.
  • Adam is most likely meant to look like Batman.
  • WB tired to sue X-concepts for the lookalike Batman.
  • ^This is why Adam is so rare, production was cut short to avoid further legal action from Warner Bros.
  • Adam is another super hero just like Super Finger.
  • This is one of the rarest dudes ever produced.
  • The evolution variant is one of the only dudes to have no relation to the previous figure. It is oddly enough, a zombie.
  • While there is no longer a Batman dude, the Street Crew version of Super Finger features the colors of Batman

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