Sumo San is a sumo wrestling Tech Deck Dude. He is overweight and has very tight clothing on. He has his h
Sumo San

Sumo San

air tied up.


  • He is often mistakenly called Sumo Sam instead of Sumo San.
  • Sumo San has easily noticable squinted eyes, hailing from Japan.
  • Sumo San's Profile is as followed on his case:

Name: Sumo San

Occupation: King of Pain

Home Town: Tokyo, Japan

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Ballet

Education: University of Buffet

Favorite Food: Anything not tied down

Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy

Favorite Partime: Karaoke

Favorite Band: Foo Fighters


Sumo San (Red)

Sumo San (Red)

Sumo San (Orange)

Sumo San (Orange)